Russia wills pay compensation to unlawfully arrested LGBT activist


Justice was finally served; According to the European Court of Human Rights,LGBT activist in Russia was unlawfullyviolated by the government. As we know, there was a gay protest against “gay propaganda” law. It took place on the 6th June, 7 years ago (2013) near the Russia’s State Duma. Riot police came, pushed protestors into buses and arrested them. The government explained they did it not because protestors’ sexuality. The reason was that protestors didn’t notify them that they will gather publicly. According to the human rights court’s ruling of the 13th October, measures against queer activists were wrong and didn’t correspond to a pressing social need and that it has nothing in common with modern democratic society. It was clear that government violated security and liberty rights. Moreover, every protestor as applicant receives €5,000damage. It is the fourth decision of European Court of Human Rights connected with violation of human Rights in Russia.


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