Science does more for cis gay couples to have children of their own

Joyful mixed-race lesbian couple resting on sofa with their cute little son

Chinese researchers report to have been testing a method which is aimed to make it possible for cisgender gay and lesbian couples to have biological children of their own in the nearest future. The method has only been tested before on mice, but moving on to the next stage of research is to prove whether this method could possibly be applied to humans as well one day. In mammals, almost every cell in our body contains two sets of genetic material, one set each from the sperm and egg that fused to create us. The only exceptions are sperm cells and egg cells. These sex cells, or gametes, contain just one set of genetic information so that they are able to combine. For some genes it is essential that we only express the copy of genetic material provided by either the egg or the sperm rather than both, and so this marker silences the other. But at the end of 2018, a researcher in China discovered that by deleting imprinted regions using gene editing, they could produce healthy babies from two female mice, though the offspring of 2 males did not survive. The experiments continue.


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