Britney has got a small victory in court


Britney Spears finally has a small victory; her legal team will be expanded. She got this victory in the battle with her father on the 14th of October. It was a court hearing without Britney; there were her parents (Lynne and Jamie) and her attorney Samuel Ingham. Britney wanted expand her legal team for removing Jamie Spears from conservatorship that lasts already 12 years. Of Course, Jamie didn’t want it saying that it will cost too much money. According to Samuel Ingham, it is nothing more than dominating the entire process. All Britney want is to spend more time with her sons. She has only 30% custody of them. 70% belong to the kids father Kevin Federline. Ingham is sure Britney deserves to be more often with their children. We will hope it’s not the last victory of Britney. Every mother deserves to be with her children.


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