Chinese version of Queer Eye is not at all queer


A show quite similar to Queer Eye appeared on Chinese television, but all 5 experts are heterosexual. You Are So Beautiful was released on the state-owned streaming service Mango TV in December 2019, and the format is very familiar to European watchers – 5 experts with different specialicies are giving a makeover to a person. Wu Xin is in charge of hair and make up, Han Huo Huo handles fashion, Kun Ling overhauls their lifestyles, Fan Tian Tian teaches them to make great food and Huang Ji redecorates their homes. Queer Eye was not aired on Chinese TV in the original version, but many Chinese have watched it on the Internet and they recognized the format, so they called out the creators of the Chinese show, asking them whether they had paid for the copyright. On review site Douban, one person wrote: “Queer Eye is telling us how to live better. But You are so Beautiful is reinforcing our existing biases and telling everyone to live a life that can be accepted by the public.”


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