Football coach would rather quit his job than backtrack on homophobia


Johnnie Saunders, founder of the Florida football team Eustis Junior Panthers, wrote on Facebook that gay people were ‘mentally disgusting’ and LGBT agenda was forcefully pushed under the rug. Saunders deleted the posts after a family member of an athlete reached out, but it does not mean that he has changed his mind. The coach said that he may stop coaching altogether if he is asked to apologize. He was raised on these ideas by his parents and grandparents, so he believes it to believes them to be good and morally right. In one post, he wrote: “If we continue too [sic] remain silent as our young boys turn to [slur], then what kind of men are we!” The outlet did not run what homophobic slur was used. He later claimed that the criticism showed he can’t “pray out loud” and that he “must be silenced ‘cause the truth offends others.”


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