Trans womancommitted suicide


Alexandra Greenway, 23-year-old transgender woman, committed suicide because of the mental health services. A woman was recruitment consultant. Her body was found in her flat in Bristol on the 11th of May2019. Greenway waited for help but nobody came. It wasn’t her first attempt to commit suicide; police detained her after suicide attempt a moth before her death. Greenway was taken to the psychiatric hospital. Psychiatristrecommended therapy but nobody gave a woman treatment she needed; cognitive behavioural therapy. A mother of Alexandra blames everybody saying that her daughter was not the last victim because nobody gives such people treatment they need. He added that her daughter was fobbed off and felt marginalised. “Cognitive behavioural therapy is very important. People likeAlexandra are waiting for it, but she couldn’t wait so long, that’s why she did it,” mother explained. Remember, you can prevent suicide. All you need is to talk to your family or friends.


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