Directors are about to cast non-binary actors in non-binary roles


Today we have noticed a huge demand for non-binary actors among directors. According to directors, they just want to show more diversity. As we know, representation of queer people was not so popular on TV before. There were a lot of cis actors who played transgender people. Situation was worse with non-binary representation. All we know is that Lachlan Watson (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Asia Kate Dillon (Billions) were really non-binary actors playing such characters. Fortunately, the situation becomes better; directors are searching for non-binary actors for non-binary roles. There is a growing demand for non-binary actors under 18. Mark Jermin, founder of his own Management and Stage Schools, is sure that there are more and more non-binary actors who want to play. Jermin is glad to see you at the castings. He believes that this representation will help people to feel less isolated.


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