Homophobic father wanted to kill her daughter who came out as a lesbian


19-year-old girl from Narbonne (France) came out to her family and friends as a lesbian. She began to date another woman. Friends supported it. She came out to her father over the phone. But her father (52) was shocked and couldn’t get over it. She explained her father became angry while speaking on phone. Moreover, he said he kills her daughter. They met on Friday on the 16th of October. He came to the university where daughter studies and started threatening. He drove 500 miles without stopping from Strasbourg to Narbonne. This Monday he was arrested and faced court hearing the same day. This girl, her new girlfriend and her mother decided to file criminal complaints.A couple of weeks ago study was held in the USA. According to this study, queer youth becomes less support from their family members and it’s for two decades. Hilary Rose from the Department of Applied Human Sciences at Concordia [in Canada] said that LGBT young people need more support from their parents than straight.


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