LGBT students face homophobia and transphobia at school


According to GLSEN (queer advocacy group) study, homophobia and transphobia are popular in educational establishments. Study said that more than almost 99% of students face offensive remarks at school. All these remarks are connected with student’s gender identity and sexuality. We can often hear students use phrase “it’s so gay” at the schoolyards; more than 90% of students feel distressed. Among other abusive phrases you can hear at school are “dyke”, “no homo”, “faggot” etc. More than 70% of students told about verbal harassment connected with their sexual orientation. 60% has been even threatened because of their gender expression. It’s horrible but 11% of studentsexperienced physical assaults. All these results were made by questioning 17 000 students of Guam, Columbia, American Samoa and Puerto Rico. GLSENexecutive directorEliza Byardsaid that today’s situation with homophobia is so different from that 20 years ago.


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