New dating app for trans people is launched in India


A dating app specifically for transgender people has launched in India because transphobia is too common for online dating. The transgender population of India is growing and thriving, so there was a high demand on creating a safe cyberspace for them, in part in online dating. It is necessary to emphasize, that the app called Butterfly, developed in October last year in the UK, is not country-limited or trans-only. It welcomes people of any origin, gender identity and sexuality, but there is one important condition – they should open their hearts for transgender people. And India is just a part of its coverage, which includes Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Spain and the USA. The trailblazing app was extended to India for the first time this week, with a strong focus on privacy. To protect anonymity there is no forced linking of social media accounts. No personal information, such date of birth, is included, passwords are strongly encrypted, and private messages are erased from the server after 30 days.


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