NY bakery’s Pride flag mutilated in ‘disturbing’ act of vandalism


A popular bakery Sugar Sweet Sunshine became a victim of vandalism; rainbow pride flag that hung from the storefront of the bakery for already a couple of years was destroyed. Sugar Sweet Sunshine is located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. That’s why it attracted so many people and vandals among them. The pride flag was sliced off on Tuesday this week. Sugar Sweet Sunshine‘s manager made a post on Instagram saying that they don’t understand why people did it. “It’s not a problem for us to get a new one. We just want to know the reason why somebody did it,” manager wrote. Sugar Sweet Sunshine’s staff and owners have any idea if it was random vandalism or an act of hate. Many customers of cupcake bakery support Sugar Sweet Sunshine. “Some people are so sick! I’m sorry this happened to you guys,” one customer said. This act of vandalism is not the first. It happened also to one Manhattan’s gay bar 2019.


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