Polish opposition appoints a gay presidential candidate


A coalition of center-left parties in Poland could not stay silent about the homophobic tendencies in the country. So, when it came to choosing a Presidential candidate from the opposition for the upcoming election in Poland, openly gay politician Robert Biedroń was picked. Biedroń, 44, is a former MEP and current leader of the social liberal and pro-European party, Spring. Leaders of the left-wing alliance said they chose him not because of his sexuality but for the support he gives to women and separating church from state. During his political career he has pushed for the removal of catechism classes from public schools, free access to contraception and sexual education and the right to abortion for all women. As for particularly LGBT rights, he has a history of campaigning for the formal recognition of same-sex partnerships, which are not yet legal in Poland. His commitment to the LGBT+ community was recognized when he was awarded Poland’s ‘Rainbow Laurels’ in 2003 and named ‘Rainbow Man’ in 2004.


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