Citi is the first bank to let trans cardholders go by their chosen name


Are you Citibank customer? If yes, you have possibility to go by name you can choose for your credit card. Citibank became the first band in the USA that let its trans and non-binary customers chose names thanks to “True Name” initiative. It became possible starting from the 20th of October. You as a bank cardholder can request the name on it. Moreover, it is all legally. Trans and non-binary are so happy about this service. Many queer people wanted to do it before but it was only possible after legal name change. Citibank assures you will face no legal fuss if you want to change name on your credit card. Citi Chief Marketing OfficerCarla Hassan said that the bank wanted customers to have the possibility to be called by the name that represents who queer people really are. It you are not a Citi customer, it’s not a problem; you can easily can apply for a Citi credit card and request for a name change.


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