Man arrested for mailing fake anthrax to gay bar that kicked him out


New York City cops busted a Canadian man after he mailed fake anthrax to a Manhattan bar, also sending hateful email letters with death threats to the bar workers. “Its [sic] called Antrax [sic]. Enjoy,” read the note, allegedly penned by Ameen Keshavjee and sent December last year to the gay bar Nowhere, a creaky queer dive bar that has served east villagers for almost 20 years. The man was arrested, the powder in question was not proven to be anthrax. Anthrax, an infection caused by a spore-based bacterium, can result, in some cases, in lung cancer, lesions and diarrhea. Court documents detailed Keshavjee’s rutted relationship with the business, he sent hateful messages to its employees for almost a year. He told staffers that he hoped they died of the AIDS virus so he could attend their funerals and urinate on their coffins. The man was charged with mailing a threatening communication and released on a $20,000 bond. If course convict him, Keshavjee may face deportation or handed down a five year jail sentence.


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