Mary Fay became a victim of racist and homophobic trolls


Mary Fay, openly lesbian congressional candidate who is married to woman and has a daughter, commented incident connected with remote debate. She took part in debate with her opponent John Larson. They are both candidates for the Connecticut’s first Congressional District. Their debates took place on Zoom and trollsinfiltrated their conference by hijacking the conference with vile messages. Moreover, this conference has been broadcasted on West Hartford Community Interactive. There were a lot of homophobic and racist messages from trolls. “I have to say I am shocked. Moreover, I am disgusted by the hate speech. It was cowardlyand threatening hate. It’s so horrible,”Fay explained. Fay’s opponent John Larson supported her saying that he condemns homophobic trolling of opponent. “This homophobic hate has no place in our District. I stand with my opponents,”Larson said.


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