Trump ‘religious freedom’ commissioner praised imprisonment of gay Zambians


Tony Perkins has praised the decision to oust a US ambassador Daniel Foote for his public condemnation of the arrest of two locals for being gay. Foote had provoked anger from the Zambian president Edgar Lungu as he said to be horrified that two men who did not hurt anybody were arrested for consensual relationships. The Trump administration publicly said it was “dismayed” by Foote being made to leave. At the same time Perkins gloated at the exit of the ambassador, accusing Foote of insulting the judicial system of Zambia. “Recalling Foote is the right move when he has broken trust with his hosts and can no longer effectively serve as our representative overseas,” Perkins wrote, noting that this situation should serve as an indicator that America respects everyone, but representing ‘inconsistent’ values is not allowed


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