Ariana and Positions: new presidential video


Have you already liked Ariana’s “Positions”? She released her new video last week. Some of lyrics she has already tweeted in September. It’s actually the first song of her same name album. Fans have different meanings. What do you seen in “Positions”? Ariana (27) became US President. What are her first tasks? She decided to ban tops and bottoms and embraces true leaders of switching positions. Moreover, new President splintered LGBT voting blocs which led to fault in the world. Many Ariana’s fans praised her new video. But there are always people who don’t like something. There are also a lot of listeners who found video just perfect and mocked Donald Trump. Some of fans are still unsure about their reaction on “Positions”. Ariana also said it is just about multitask running our life. Singer said her new album “Positions” will be released on the 30th of October.


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