New Barbie doll inspired by legendary Elton John


Do you know what the highest honour in the universe is? It’s a Barbie inspired by you. You can buy a Barbie doll created in honour of pop star Elton John (73). John decided to collaborate with Barbie makers. A new Barbie doll will replicate pop star’s famous style. What she looks like? A doll has bomber jacket with John’s name in striking rainbow colours, flared trousersplatform heels in rainbow colours as well, pink sunglasses, and purple bowler hat. Classic look of Elton John inspired Barbie makers.Fashion was always important for singer. He is sure that it’s our self-expression. “Barbie doll has always inspired fashion, art and even music,” John explained. Pop star also said it was a real pleasure to select wardrobe for Elton John’s Barbie; his favourite thing is pink sunglasses. Singer has a hobby; he collects sunglasses. There are already over twenty thousand pairs in his collection. You can buy this Barbie on and later on other retailers.


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