Non-binary activist Jamie Windust asks cis people to support trans community


Non-binary writer, public speaker and model Jamie Windust has called for cisgender people to stand up for the transgender folks, saying that it is not a radicalism, but a required measure. Online praise for Windust’s 10-minute talk has called them “indomitable”, “phenomenal”, “powerful”, “brilliant” and “moving”. It is not enough to say you are a trans ally, it is necessary to do something for these people. “Our media has painted young trans people, and parents/guardians of young trans people as the enemy for so long, that seeing them able to feel strength and resonate with the words that I am saying is something I cherish so strongly,” the activist said. Windust spoke at TEDxLondonWomen of their joy, as a 16-year-old, at their first gender expression with the bright makeup, which made them overjoyed. “We know we are valid, and know we are capable of joy, but often we forget that we are allowed to feel it, and own it, and that’s what I want people to take away,” they said


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