PhyllisLyon and Del Martin: a lesbian couple can be honoured


The house of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, a lesbian couple who tried to get married 2004 when there was a same-sex marriage ban, will be probably city’s landmark. Women got marriage licence, but mayorGavin Newsom decided to challenge this ban and directed clerks to issue licence for queer couples. 4 years later (2008) they finally got married. Martin and Lyon became the first couple in California who could do it legally. Women met in 1949 when they worked at trade journal in Chico. They founded Daughters of Bilitis in 1955; it was a lesbian political group. A couple had no possibility to get marriedfor a long time before they did it. The same year they got married Martin died aged 87. Lyon passed away this year; she was 95. A couple’s daughter Kendra Mon and women’s friends decided to honour them. They want lesbian couple’s home to be declared a historic site because this house was a point for local lesbian activist.


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