Homophobic monk is excommunicated from his church


Damon Jonah Kelly, who is part of a small group known as the Black Hermits, has been reportedly slung out of the Catholic church by the Bishop of Argyll and the Isles, Brian McGee. Kelly, known for his homophobic beliefs, even attacked the Pope whom he believed to be too kind to gay people. A spokesperson for the church told The Scottish Sun that after Kelly refused to withdraw his comments, “the penalty of excommunication now applies”. He added that there were double standards because the Catholic Church does not excommunicate priests convicted of child abuse. He said: “We had enough of the bishops’ silence. A church that accepts homosexual relations, accepts abortions, is not Christ’s church.” Leaflets distributed by Kelly since 2014 claim that AIDS is “God’s punishment” for gay people, that homosexuality is linked to pedophilia, that transgender people should be exorcised, and that homosexuals are “like vampires”.


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