Is Lisa Simpson bisexual? Yeardley Smith weighs in


Yeardley Smith (56), the voice of legendary The Simpsons, told about eight-year-old Lisa Simpson’s sexuality. Smith has played Lisa for more than 30 year, can you imagine it? OnStryker & Klein show (KROQ radio) she answered the most burning question: is Lisa Simpson bisexual? Smith explained LisaSimpson hasn’t defined her sexuality yet. You have noticed that Lisa adores things love girls. Smith added she is absolutely open for new possibilities of this character and maybe will explore Lisa’s other life way. For Smith it is still uncomfortable to say Lisa is bisexual because she is only 8. But some queer people say they knew from theget-go about Lisa’s sexuality; many are sure she is bi because it was clear in some episodes. There is one episode depicting Lisa’s future where she has polyamorous relationship with three girls. Smith said Lisa may be president and polyamorous in her future.


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