Gay dads are in dept because the surrogate refused to give them their daughters


Steven and Marc Winchester-Horscraft from Shropshire, England, were left with £43,000 in debt from a bitter legal battle over the pre-term born twin girls whose life is still in danger as they are in the intensive care. After paying the surrogate’s pregnancy expenses in full, which amounted to almost £17,000 due to the twin birth, they claim the surrogate’s boyfriend started demanding more before the deal was signed. When they were unable to pay this the surrogate reportedly texted them to say she would not be putting Steven – the biological father – on the birth certificate and say that they are the daughters of her boyfriend, as well as giving them new names and refusing to hand on parental responsibilities. The pregnancy ran smoothly until August 2019, when the surrogate went into labour at 28 weeks. “One evening when we got home from visiting our girls, our surrogate’s partner came over to our house, and was asking for more money,” Steven said. “They wanted another 3k, which at this point we just did not have”. In respond to this the surrogate forbade them to contact the twins. Feeling “lost and terrified” that they would lose their children, the desperate couple pursued legal action and were forced to take out loans of up to £26,000 to cover their fees. They endured multiple hearings before DNA tests eventually confirmed Steven was the father, and they were finally reunited with their baby girls six weeks later.


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