Russell Tovey looked at pictures of naked men as a gay teen


Russell Tovey, an English actor, told about his school experience. He went to school when there was homophobic Section 28 which meant that to be gay was wrong and even dangerous. The Sisterstar this homophobic Section 28 made him do crazy things; he sneak into school libraries with intention just to look homoerotic nudes. Of course, teenage Tovey was afraid that he would be caught but he wanted to enjoy these nudes and it couldn’t stop him. Tovey explained that Section 28 was homophobiclegislation. Margaret Thatcher introduced it. According to this Section 28 it was forbidden for authorities and schools to promote homosexuality until 2003. “There is a man and here is a woman. There was no 3rd option. Anything else was just wrong and disgusting,” anactor recollects. Tovey said he is so happy that we are living in the world where people has choice; they choose pronounce, has 3rd gender in documents and can visit gay friendly places.


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