Grindr: Racism faces “zero consequences”


Racism was always a problem of dating apps. This time it’s about Grindr. Gay Asian PhD at Monash University in MelbourneGene Lim decided to investigate sexual racism problems on Grindr. Moreover, aggressors don’t even face repercussions. Lim told that many users and people in general don’t like Asians. That’s why self-esteem of many Asian people is affected. Not only me, there are a lot of people who don’t feel comfortable using this dating app. Asian people don’t have dates or even hook-ups for a long time. Moreover, Lim emphasizes that racism often is unpunished on Grindr, although this behaviour is banned in its guidelines. Gay PhD is a witness of instances when some Grindr users have been reported for racism and offences, but they didn’t face any consequences. According to Lim, dating app doesn’t care about racism at all. “Grindr takes immediate actions against people or companies who use its app with the aim of advertisement,” Lim added.


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