LGBT teens: 1 in 10 asexual or on the ace spectrum


As you know, this week is Asexual Awareness Week. That’s why The Trevor Project decided to make research. According to this research, 1 in 10 LGBT young people in the USA identify themselves as asexual or on the same spectrum. 40,000 queer teenagers were questioned. It turned out that 10% of these youth feel they are asexual. What does asexuality actually mean? It’s when a person has little sexual attraction to other people or even doesn’t have thisattraction at all. Other words for asexuality are greysexuality and demisexuality. Although sexual attraction is only one and for some queer people not very important type of attraction, but the majority is sure it’s needed. Research revealed that 40 present of questioned people called themselves trans or non-binary. The Trevor Project members are worried because many asexual young people face depression and even anxiety. Myeshia Price-Feeney from The Trevor Project hopes they can do everything possible to include asexual youth in suicide prevention.


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