James Charles is in trouble again


The scandalous make-up video blogger wrote on Twitter “me when the government comes knocking on my door for the draft”, alongside four photos of him dressed as a woman. Embroiling himself in yet another controversy, many interpreted his post as joking that he would pretend to be a trans woman as Donald Trump’s administration has banned transgender people from joining the military forces. “It’s a lighthearted joke regarding the fact that I had to register for the draft when I turned 18, just like every other boy, and I don’t wanna fight in a war. That’s all,” said Charles, adding that he does not support trans military ban and he did not mean to laugh at it. To make matters even worse, one trans woman who called out Charles and voiced her discomfort with the post claims she was blocked by him, and she shared screens to confirm it. She then later added: “If James did nothing wrong why did he block a trans woman voicing her discomfort with his actions?” Others agreed that it implied Charles was in the wrong, and one person responded: “James Charles out there making transphobic jokes and then blocking trans women for telling him that his joke was transphobic. I hate this world.”


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