JohnnyWeir: “You can’t’ be gay”


Being gay can sometimes hamper you career. It happened to Johnny Weir (36), a participant of Dancing with the Stars. Weir told about incident happened to him when he was 16. His agent came to him with his mother while Olympic competition and said to him that his agency will make his all dreams come true, but if he wants to be really successful, he can’t be gay. The thing is that Weir hadn’t come out yet by that moment. “I was afraid to come out. I really was afraid because it could affect many people around me. I understood if I come out, I will not able to fix it,”figure skater explained. When he stayed with her mother alone in the room, she cheered him up and said he will reach stars by himself. There’s a good reason for all. When Weir grew up and got more experience, he used all of that negativity to his advantages. Well, now we can see that it made him a national champion.


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