Lesbian couples of Taiwan in mass military wedding for first time


This is a historical moment;mass military wedding took place in Taiwan. It’s was the happiest day of two lesbian couples because they’ve dreamt about it for a long time. Taiwan is the very first Asian country where same-sex marriage was legalized; it happened 1 year ago on May. Lieutenant Chen Ying-hsuan and Li Li-chenalongsideYumi Meng and Major Wang Yitied the knot on the 30th of October. Newly-wed couples were among other 188 couples. There were a lot of coupleinvolved in the Taiwan’s army, navy and air force exchanging vows. Taiwan is a country where military people are very open and accept homosexuality. “For me it’s very important that in matters of love, every person will be treated equally,” Major Wang Yi explained. There were a lot of friends and relatives who visited this mass-ceremony to celebrate the best day of lesbian couples.


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