Taiwan: The biggest Corona-free Pride took place


Maybe you haven’t heard yet, but Taiwan is the only country where there were no new Coronavirus infections in 200 days. It became the reason that people decided to make in-person street Pride. More than 130,000 people took part in this Pride. Taiwan Pride took place on the 31st of October. It was a big progresstowards equality. As we know, Taiwan is the very first Asian country where same-sex marriage was legalized; it happened 1 year ago on May. But it took years before making it possible. Taiwan’s top court ruled2017 that it’s unconstitutional to define marriage only between a man and a woman. The situation with COVID-19 in Taiwan is better than everywhere; there are only 555 cases of infection and 7 deaths since pandemic began. Moreover, there are no new infections in the country already 200 days. LGBT community of Taiwan is happy because people are able to celebrate Pride while people of many other counties are on self-isolation.


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