Transgender surgery pioneer makes emphatic plea to make 2020 Olympics trans-inclusive


Dr Sherman Leis, a pioneer in transgender surgery, has said made an emphatic call to let transgender athletes compete at 2020 Olympic Games in correspondence with their gender identity. The summer Olympics will be set in Tokyo this year but some transgender athletes may not be able to compete due to a lack of clarity in the guidelines set out by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which Dr Leis believes to be misleading about transgender people and their possible athletic potential, especially when it comes to an acceptable testosterone level for trans and intersex women to be able to represent female teams. “The medical community has a number of established and successful protocols in place for the treatment of transgender patients, and it’s my hope that organizing board will do a better job of heeding those recommendations,” he said. “The suppression of testosterone for at least a year has enough of an effect on the body to reduce muscle mass, strength and energy which should be fairly evident to even non-medical professionals based on the infrequency of transgender athletic champions. We’ll just have to see if the IOC can recognize transgender athletes’ humanity and desire to compete in time for the games in Tokyo,” the doctor concluded.


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