Johnny Depp vs. The Sun: Is Depp a “wife-beater”?


All we know Johnny Depp as abuser. There are so many dirty articles about this actor. This time he tried to convincethe High Court that he is not a wife-beater.Unfortunately, he failed. An actor was called a “wife-beater” by newspaperThe Sun.Depp lost this case against tabloid and Dan Wootton, its executive editor. The trial lasted 3 weeks. As a result, it was proven that Depp was violent towards Amber Heard who is his ex-wife. An actor tried to deny till the end that claims that he was violent to Heard are stupid. Moreover, he suedThe Sunfor damage to his reputation. But tabloid and its executiveeditor proved they are right. The ruling consists of 180 pages. The Sungave strong evidence; there were 14allegations of domestic violence (from 2013 till 2016). Johnny tried to prove Heardwas nothing more than a gold diggerand deceiver. The judge was sure Heard was a victim of domestic violence.


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