Stanley Baxter came out as gay


It’s never too late to come out. Scottish actorStanley Baxter came out as gay in the age of 94. It took 25 years to understand that he was a virtual recluse. And it’s the best time to change something in his life. An actor released his new biographyThe Real Stanley Baxter. It is a book where he tells about life with his late wife Moira Robertson. Baxter described his feeling about hiding his attraction to men his has the whole life.He didn’t understand what to do when their relations with Moira Robertson began. Robertson said first she wants to marry him, but Baxter wasn’t ready for it. An actor felt it had to stop here and he left. But the met every single day and she was so upset. It came to wedding after Robertsonthreatened to jump out of a window. But he decided to be honest with his wife and told her the truth about him. He was allowed to bring lovers home. Baxter was even arrested for soliciting, but the charge was later dropped. He had many lovers while being married. His wife died in 1997. He described his life as insane. That’s why we shouldn’t make mistakes and live our life as we feel it.


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