Taylor Swift delivers tribute to dad at Pride of Britain awards


A Father can do everything for his child. The simple example of it is Chris Brannigan. It’s a man who could raise £500,000 for his daughter who is ill. Brannigan walked 700 miles barefoot for his lovely child. It touched Tailor Swift. Singer decided to pay tribute to this man. Chris Brannigan wan fundraiser award at the Pride of Britain awards on the 1st of November. This man became famous earlier; he walked 700 miles barefoot for from Land’s End to Edinburgh. His aim was to raise money for research into Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS). This is an illness that has treatment and no cure till today. Swift was impressed. She recorded video to say some sweet words for Brannigan. Tailorsaid his act filledher with so much admiration. “I wish suchcourageous and inspirational people like you were more. You are real Pride of Britain,” Swift added.Brannigan responded singer for this award on Twitter. It’s so cool when so important acts are honored.


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