Layla Moran came out as pan because journalists blackmailed her


British lawmaker Layla Moran has revealed that journalists had been sniffing around her and her girlfriend Rosy seeking a way to publicly out her, so she decided to tell the truth herself not to be ashamed or discredited somehow in the eyes of people. In an opinion piece for the i, the Oxford West and Abingdon Member of Parliament candidly discussed how some reporters had pressed her for information on her identity and love life using “unscrupulous” tactics when the general election campaign in the country began. “They’ve asked friends, made indirect approaches, and more recently, very direct approaches to people I know, asking for information about my personal life. I should say, this is absolutely not all journalists, but a select few who seem not to have got the memo that it’s 2020,” Moran said. She went on saying that she spoke publicly simply because threatening to publicly out somebody is never OK because being LGBT+ is no longer a scary secret never to reveal, there is nothing shameful in belonging to this community. But what is shameful is to sniff around people to find some facts about their private life in order to publicly discredit them.


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