LGBT+ community favoured Biden over Donald


Queer community will vote for Biden, exit polling says. Edison Research for the National Election Pool decided to conduct an exit pool to find out which of two candidates is more popular among community. More than 14, 000 people took part in exit poll yesterday (November 3). 7% out of 14, 000identified as LGBT people. Questioning revealed that queer people favouredBiden over Trump as US President. 61% out of all queer people said they will vote for Joe Biden. 27% of all LGBT voter will chose Trump. Straight people of 14, 000 are divided into two groups; 51% opted for Biden and only 47% will vote for Trump. Alphonso David, who is Human Rights Campaign President, said it’s very important for all people to vote, especially for LGBT people, because queer community is a key rising constituency and their vote is very important for politicians. “All votes matter,” David added.


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