Mauree Turner: The first non-binary state lawmaker


There are more and more LGBT people in politics and it’ great. Oklahoma state House got the first non-binary state lawmaker; she is the first in the history of USA and her name is Mauree Turner. This woman is Democratic community organizer. Moreover, she is LGBT Muslim. Turner is a winner of election to district 88 (Oklahoma) with her 71%. She told that she is Black, queer and Muslim who had no idea what politics means. “I didn’t expect I can reach it before I started,” Turner explained. Oklahoma is a state where you won’t find many LGBT officials. That’s why people didn’t aspect that this state achieves a milestone political moment for non-binary people. “Mauree Turner did everything for such people. She ran her campaign to focus on the issues that matter. She was open and honest, that’s why she became a state lawmaker,” Annise Parker from LGBTQ Victory Fund said. Many people are sure Turner will inspirenon-binary citizens to start careers in elected office.


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