The Color Purple actress dropped the legal action


Seyi Omooba, who was left jobless for publicly saying that she believed being gay not to be right and planned to sue the theater she used to work for, now drops the case. She initially filed a legal complaint accusing her former employers of discrimination against her on the basis of her religious beliefs. Omooba was due to play Celie (portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg in the 1985 film) in a new stage adaptation of The Color Purple. And although the character is visibly queer and her same-sex romance is one of the key points in the plot, the actress showed herself to be an opponent of LGBT rights, and that is why she was dismissed. Omooba announced in September that she would take legal action against co-producers Curve Theatre in Leicester and the Birmingham Hippodrome over her dismissal. A statement from Omooba’s legal representatives Christian Concern, an organization co-founded by her father, explained that the claim was dropped because Curve “has now accepted primary responsibility for the decision, and Miss Omooba is pursuing the claim against that theatre”.


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