‘Human Ken doll’ comes out as trans


The plastic surgery lover and Celebrity Big Brother star who became famous for being a “human Ken doll” has actually always felt like a Barbie doll more. Roddy Alves (she decided not to choose the new name but to use the common shorten form of her deadname she was usually addressed by) found fame after spending half a million pounds on plastic surgery procedures to appear more like a Ken doll, and in 2018 appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. And now she is super-excited that nothing in the world is stopping her from being a feminine, glamorous and beautiful woman that always lived inside her heart, and all the surgeries were an attempt to become ‘ a real man’ she had never been. Alves said that she plans to have both top and bottom surgery, facial feminization surgery and she will also have her “Adam’s apple removed, [her] jawline shaved and [her] chin modified.” She added that she has already had her “fake six pack” removed.


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