Lana Del Rey is so angry because fans think she voted for Trump


Lana Del Rey is so angry. And it’s because her fans suggested singer voted for Donald Trump. Lana doesn’t understand why thy think so. Singer said in 2018 that Trump is a loss for the country. But it’s wasn’t so earnestlyfor one of her fans. She decided to take to Twitter on election night because she was sure Lana voted for Trump. This fan wrote: “I just know Lana voted for Trump and I would like to check her voting records”. Fan didn’t even expect singer can answer. But Lana responded: “Go and f*ck yourself.”Fan was shocked and wrote that Lana is really her idol and she has even a tattoo of her on her arm. But angry Del Rey answered: “Nah read what you wrote hoe.” Fan was disappointed and said she unstans everything anyway. Some people started thinking that Lana is a secret Trump supporter. But something went wrong here. Singer wanted to join witches in 2017 to stop Trump from doing further harm.


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