Nevada approves ballot question enshrining same-sex marriage


As we know, there was a ban on same-sex marriage in Nevada already 20 years. But it’s time to change something in the country. The right to same-sex marriage has been finally enshrined in the state’s constitution. Yes, ban on marriage equality was overturned by the Supreme Court 5 years ago, but some provisions remained in the laws of 30 states including Nevada. People voted for a ban in 2002, but on the Election Day majority decided that LGBT rights should be enshrined in the constitution; there were 61% of votes for it. It became very important milestone for the community. “Our constitution should match the will of all people,” director of queer rights group Silver State EqualityAndre Wade explained. People want the ballot question not only removes marriage as only between different genders, but also recognizes all marriages regardless of gender equally.Nevada remains a key battleground state in current election; Biden has 8,000 votes more than Trump.


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