The number of queer people who voted for Trump people in four years


According to exit polls, the number of queer people who voted for Trump this year doubled compared to election in 2016. Survey by Edison Research for the National Election Pool, made a couple of months ago, showed that LGBT people are more likely to vote for Democrats, but the amount of votes for Trump increased significantly. In comparison, there were only 14% of LGBT people who voted for Donald Trump four years ago. This year, this number reached 28% and it’s despite of the fact that the administration attacked community. More than 60% voted for Joe Biden. In general, 16, 000 people were questioned; inly 7% of them were LGBT+. It should be also mentioned that showmanship of the President roiled the political landscape because Biden got the majority of LGBT male votes. Yes, community tends to Democrats. According to Hornet, 66% of queer voters support Biden and only 28% voted for Trump.


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