Thug who beat a gay man to death in front of his husband is arrested


18-year-old Abu Conteh has been arrested and charged with murder and gang assault after video footage showed him and a group of other men attacking Juan Fresnada, who had a night out in McDonald’s with his husband on Christmas Eve. The man was immediately hospitalized with a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage, but he did not survive. Conteh has been charged with second-degree murder and gang assault in the first and second degree. Two more suspects are reported to have been identified by the police so far. In disturbing video footage released by police, he can be seen being violently thrown to the ground where he was stamped on repeatedly. Vehicles were passing by like nothing was happening, there was nobody who would at least try to intervene and save him. The attack is being treated as a robbery. It is unclear if the men were targeted because of their sexual orientation. The investigation continues.


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