Republican politician used homophobic slur in a church shooting statement and sees nothing wrong in it


Chris Rowe, who was chair of the Republican Party in New Castle County, Delaware, used the slur in a comment on Facebook about a church shooting in Texas. The now-deleted comment cost him position, but Mr. Rowe seems to have no regrets about posting it. Chris Rowe is not the only Republican in trouble for offensive language. The party has also been heavily criticial of Sussex County Republican Party vice-chairwoman Nelly Jordan, who has come under fire over a Facebook post with anti-Semitic language and he was also made to resign. The party demanded both Rowe and Jordan to apologize for the hateful language they have used. Rowe defended his use of the slur and claimed that he had used the F-word long before it gained a homophobic connotation. He also defended the comment as “locker room talk between two men” and claimed that people in his own party were simply choosing to be offended by the word. He went on to staunchly claim that he is not homophobic.


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