Marvel won’t be getting its first trans character


Kevin Feige reportedly clarified his earlier comments about potential transgender inclusion in the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU). The CEO was asked at a New York Film Academy Q&A event whether Marvel had any plans “on bringing more LGBT+ characters into the MCU, specifically the T, trans characters”. And the answer was surely affirmative. Feige’s remarks were taken as a sign that Marvel was finally getting with the times and trans people would be represented in the MCU in the nearest future. But now the movie mogul clarifies that it won’t happen, at least not now. Sources close to the comic supremo told Variety that he only intended to reply to the part of the question about LGB characters, and did not mean to suggest that trans characters were to be shown in the very next Marvel film. The website points to the fact that The Eternals is the only Marvel production currently filming. A trailer screened at a 2019 expo showed the character, played by Brian Tyree Henry, holding hands with a male partner accompanied by two children.


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