Victoria Volkova: The first transgender woman on Playboy Mexico cover


27-years-old YouTuber Victoria Volkova became the first transgender woman who appeared on the cover of Playboy Mexico. Volkova is known not only as beauty influencer, but also as queer community activist. It’s not so simple to be LGBT activist in Mexico because it’s a country is second-deadliest country in the whole word for transgender people.Victoria is so proud to be on the cover. “This Playboy cover means a lot for me; it’s means different ways of beauty, it helps to explore mysensuality and celebrates different ways how I can be a woman,” wrote Volkova on her Instagram. Victoria is sure that transgender woman on the cover attracts more interest to transgender people. “People should know how transgender people live in our country. They have to understand that transgender people deserve to live a dignified life, to be respected, to earn respect of others, to be heard, to be dignified, to get a good job, to earn their living, to survive in this society,” Volkova wrote.


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