WillSmith: “I refuse to kiss a man”


Actors have to do crazy things sometimes. So Will Smith had to kiss another man, Sir Ian McKellen, in his first major movie role. But Smith refused to do it. Smith and McKellen met 27 years ago (1993). It was shooting of comedy-dramaSix Degrees of Separation. Thiscomedy-drama depicted the real story about gay hustlerDavid Hampton (Paul in the film). Donald Sutherland and Stockard Channing played the wealthy gay couple. Will Smithhadthe lead role alongside actors; he targeted this gay couple. It was the beginning of Smith’s career and he tried to do everything possible to prove himself, but there was the only thing he couldn’t do. Smith had to kiss his co-star Anthony Michael Hall, but he refused to do it and this scene was cut. But later Smithadmitted that it wasn’t professional. “You know, it was very immature on my part. I had to be more emotionally stable.” actor commented.


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