Mary Wollstonecraft: Naked statue covered up with anti-trans t-shirt


Vandalism is everywhere. This time it’s about Mary Wollstonecraft statue. This statue that depicts foremother of feminism was covered up with anti-trans t-shirt with anti-trans motto. This statue is pretty new, it was unveiled on the 10th of November (this Tuesday). You can enjoy this statue in North London [Newington Green]. Mary Wollstonecraft statue is a tiny and naked silver figure that emerges from a plinth of swirling body parts. The creator of this statue is Maggi Hambling who is a lesbian artist. Of course, this art work became controversial; nude statue caused debate and even confusion. Anti-trans activists are claiming that male historical figures are usually not naked. That’s why they decided to cover Mary Wollstonecraft with anti-trans t-shirt. Julia Long, anti-trans activist, drapes Wollstonecraftin a top with words “adult human female”. According to Campaign group Object, people just wanted needed a t-shirt to warm Mary Wollstonecraftup.


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