Politician who came out a few months ago still does not understand why it matters


British lawmaker Andrew Adonis, who leapt into headlines late last year after coming out as gay, does not understand why the pansexual MP Layla Moran chose to reveal her sexuality and her relationships with another woman. Responding to an article in The Guardian about Moran coming out, he asked in Twitter why it should have been a story massively speculated on in the media. Detractors quickly piled on the peer, flagging that he himself publicly came out in a similar way. “Because, sadly, it still needs to be,” explained one user, “and needs to be until people get that it not [sic] longer needs to be.” Some users rushed to Lord Adonis’s defense, noting that as vital as visibility is, because we indeed deserve to live in the world where we can love whoever we want without the media speculating on it, simply because love is love.


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