Eiichi Nakajima found dead after lethal dose of GHB


Eiichi Nakajima, a young actor, was found dead in the Reading University halls. It happened on the beginning of this year just a couple of days after his birthday. A young man was 22 years old. Berkshire Coroners’ Court started an inquest on the 11th of November. According to Pathologist [Rezan Guardi], they found in Nakajima’s blood toxic level of Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB). Exactly this rape drug caused death. Nakajimaspent his childhood and youth in Bolivia. He also finished degree in film and theatre at the University where he was found dead. Before his death Nakajima acted in a film that won best comedy pictureaccording to Royal Television Society West of England Student Awards.Eiichi also told on his own blog that he is gay and about how difficult it is to vive in such society where he should hide his secret. According to the court, full inquest into actor’s death will take place on the 11th January, 2021.


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